Condo Decorating Tips

Assess the layout of the condo. If any remodeling is in your budget, IMG_0492acontact an architect or contractor to have your space assessed. Even knocking out a wall can make a huge difference in the space and flow of a condo.

Limit clutter when arranging furniture. Pick a limited number of pieces for each room in your condo, and choose sizes that complement the rooms. A large sectional may not be ideal if it overwhelms your living room. Likewise, a king-size bed may not fit in a smaller bedroom. Get rid of any pieces that are unnecessary in your home.

Pick lighter, more neutral colors for walls and flooring if your condo is fairly small. A coordinating color palette that transitions from room-to-room will open up the space, rather than making it feel choppy. Lighter colors will also visually maximize your space.

Incorporate storage ideas wherever possible in your floor plan. Use stacked crates, shelving and bookcases as decorative visual elements that also serve as a place to keep your things. Storage ottomans and coffee tables are other pieces of furniture to consider.

Don’t be afraid of color. Color can be an expressive way to add depth and dimension to space, especially smaller spaces offered by some condos. Though you may want to keep the walls and floors neutral, remember that a coat of paint to a piece of furniture can makeover its entire image, and items such as furniture, rugs, artwork, pillows and other accessories can pack the punch of color you’re looking for.

For more decorating tips go to How to Make the Space in Your Condo Feel Larger or  Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Condo’s Value. Allow me to help you find the home of your dreams Contact Eddie Perez at (201) 344-2886,

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