Your $8,000 Reminder

What makes the $8000 tax credit so great is that unlike the money1$7,500 tax credit done last year, the $8000 tax credit  does not need to ever be paid back. It’s totally free money!

Here are four facts you should know about the 2009 home buyers tax credit that first time home buyers here in Hoboken must take advantage of:

The credit is worth either 10% of the homes value or $8,000. You are entitled to the less of the two.

There is an income limit of $150k adjusted gross income for couples and half that for those single home buyers.
If you are married but file separately you can each file for half of the tax credit.

The tax credit is only good thru 11/30/09 & does not have to be paid back as long as the people are in the house 3 years.

    For more valuable information please go to I Want to Buy my Home at the Bottom.

    If you are looking for assistance in finding the perfect home in Hoboken, contact Eddie Perez at (201) 344-2886 or go to Hoboken Condo Expert.

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