Moving on a Budget

After making the down payment, closing costs and broker fees, many people are out of money to pay for an expensive moving service.

Following are some great tips to stay on budget whether you are moving across the country or down the street:

1. If you don’t need it, don’t pay to move it.

Movers base their prices on the amount you are shipping so be sure to get rid of any clutter. Start packing a few weeks ahead of time. Consider having a yard sale to get rid of the items you don’t need, or donate them to charity.

2. Try to relocate after peak moving season.

The least expensive time of the year to move is between October and April, so if it’s possible to postpone your move, you could save some money.

3. Be sure to get three estimates.

Prices will vary between companies so be sure to shop around. Don’t trust a company that will give you a price quote over the phone or online. To really give an accurate price a mover will need to see the amount of items that will need to be shipped. Show them everything in all rooms including any storage areas. Local movers will charge by the hour, while long-distance movers charge by weight. When you receive three estimates compare them side by side. In many cases two of the estimates will be very close in price, and one will be very high or very low. Usually it is a good idea to pick one that is in between. r

4. Buy your own packing supplies.

Moving companies often charge hefty fees for packing supplies. Save money by utilizing containers you already own, like suitcases or plastic bins. Use sheets and linens to wrap items.

5. Ask questions regarding any hidden moving costs.

To get an accurate picture of your total bill, ask about extra charges for heavy items, repacking, stairs or waiting.

6. What size truck will you need?

A good rule to remember is an 10-foot moving truck will generally hold an apartment’s worth of stuff; a 24-foot truck can accommodate a three-bedroom house. Also, if you need to tow your car, don’t forget about getting the proper equipment.

7. Deduct your moving expenses from your taxes.

Don’t forget to save those receipts — you can also save money after your move. If you relocated for a new full-time job at least 50 miles away from your previous home, you can deduct the cost of packing, transporting or storing your household goods from next year’s tax return.

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