What About Multiple Offers?

Anybody who is selling their Hoboken home would be elated to receive multiple offers to buy their home, especially if they meet the asking price. With multiple offers, even if they are the same, one could be better than the other.

Here are four tips to find out which offer is best:

1. Carefully review the offers with your real estate agent. Many times , one offer will seem to be the because it is the highest offer. Often the highest price isn’t always the best offer. Be open to all of the offers and consider the terms—down payment, closing costs, etc., as well as the price.

2. Double check the terms of financing. Read the buyers’ pre-approval letters from lenders and pay attention to the “subject to’s” that will tell you how secure the buyer’s financing is. A high price may be worthless if the buyer can’t get financing to close the deal.

3. Don’t be afraid to back down. Some real estate agents encourage sellers to put a higher value on an “in-house” offer. But that’s not always the best thing to do for the seller. Think about the price and terms of each offer and be aware of any preference to an in-house deal. There may be a break on the broker’s commission included in an offer for some in-house transactions.

4. Look at all counter-offers. Most counter-offers specify that no offer is accepted until it’s signed again by the seller. Because of this you can send out multiple counter-offers and see what else the buyers can do to make theirs the best. Multiple counter-offers can bring on offers of higher prices and other concessions from prospective buyers for your Hoboken home

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