Buying a Hoboken condo? Make sure you ask this important question!

Imagine spending the first night in your new Hoboken luxury condo.  You know, the one you’ve just spent upwards of $600,000 or more for.

Tired from your move and the celebratory toast from the bottle of champagne that your REALTOR gave you at closing, you look forward to the first nights rest in your new home.

As you slip into a peaceful sleep, suddenly you’re awakened at 1am.

Thunk!…Bang!…..Crunch!…..Grind!….Bang!…Boom!   OMG…what the #*%@ is that!

Those my friends are the wonderful sounds of the garbage collection at your luxury condo building.

These are the sounds I experience 6 nights a week at my luxury condo.  I happen to be on the 8th floor and it’s rather loud.

Now I’ve been a city boy all of my life and I’m not particularly sensitive to these noises. However I knew this BEFORE moving into my home.

Someone just went into contract (not my deal) at a unit on the 2nd floor.  I’m sure it’s really loud on that level.  I wonder if they were told about this.

So remember to ask.

“Where is the garbage collected, how often and at what time?”

An experienced agent should know or find this out for you.  This way you’ll be better able to choose the right home for yourself!

About Eddie:  Eddie Perez is an experienced New Jersey licensed Broker – REALTOR specializing in buying and selling condominiums in Hoboken and the surrounding metro communities including Jersey City and Weehawken, New Jersey.  He has personally sold over 120 homes and is among the top producing agents in Hudson County.  His goal is to educate both buyers and sellers so that they can make the most of their bottom line while saving time and having fun during the process.  You can email questions to

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