Bike Sharing May be Coming to Hoboken

The cities of Hoboken and Jersey City are teaming up with Hudson County Transportation Management Association to create a plan to bring a bike-sharing program to the west coast of the Hudson. Officials in the city of Hoboken are hoping that the progressive ideals of Hoboken and nearby cities for implementing innovative results will serve as a model for other urban areas.

The idea includes a program that seeks compatible user groups; – most notably, residential commuters attracted to the transportation hubs during peak times in the regular commuter routes. Tourists who visit the New Jersey waterfront to see the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty would use the program during off-peak times. The promoters of the bike-sharing program are hoping for a system that could work across several municipalities and combine with existing transportation modes. 

The idea for a bike-sharing program in the Hoboken area follows a similar one begun in Newark. The Newark program, operated by the non-profit organization Meadowlink, pairs commuters with local university students who share similar commuting patterns. The key to success is to use bike sharing where travel patterns can support continued use of the equipment and keep redistribution to a minimum.

Why is bike sharing important in urban areas? There is a strong connection between flourishing transportation centers and surrounding neighborhoods that can be served with a “one size fits all” solution like bike sharing. Bikes take up less space on streets and travel at speeds more suitable to an urban area. Bikes are also more eco-friendly than many other forms of transportation. They are quieter and do not contribute to air pollution.

The bike sharing project is good news for Hoboken and surrounding areas. It helps commuters and tourists with transportation in an eco-friendly way. Also a great way to get some exercise! 

Hope to see you biking around town! 

About Eddie: Eddie Perez is a resident of Hoboken and works as a New Jersey licensed Broker – REALTOR . His goal is to educate both buyers and sellers so that they can make the most of their bottom line while saving time and having fun during the process of buying or selling condominiums and brownstones in Hoboken and the surrounding metro communities including Jersey City and Weehawken, New Jersey. He has personally sold over 135 homes and is among the top producing agents in Hudson County.You can email questions to To schedule an appointment to meet with Eddie, call him direct at 201.344.2886.

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