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Find Your Dream Condo In Hoboken

March 24, 2011

It can be overwhelming when you look at all the condos for sale in Hoboken and it may leave you wondering how you will know which one is the right one for you. To help you find your dream home it is first ideal to come up with a wish list to help you with your search.

1. How Much Work Do You Want To Do? Determine if you want to purchase a home that is a fixer-upper or one that is move-in ready. Homes that need a little work done on them tend to be priced a great deal less than those homes that are move-in ready. Take the time to consider what homeownership means to you.

2. Location! Location! Location! When it all comes down to where you live in Hoboken, it needs to be the right location for you and your life style. The closer in proximity you are to public transit the more likely the home is to be more expensive. The great thing about Hoboken is it is one of the most walkable cities in America!

3. Local School District. The quality of education among both public and private schools vary widely across the country and also plays a big part when it comes to choosing where to live. Take the time to research the school district before choosing a place to live.

4. What Style Of Condo Is Right For You? Is a balcony or roof deck something that you are looking for in your new home or would you consider living without either? These are things to think about before you start you search for your dream home.

5. Bells And Whistles. Does that beautiful granite countertop stand out at you or does marble catch your eye? Make a list of what upgrades you would like to see in your future home.

6. What’s Your Style? The interior style of any home can be changed but it could come with a costly price tag. Decide what things are important to you inside your home and this will help with the home search.

7. Be Realistic About Outdoor Space. A home with a yard in Hoboken is a rare find. It may be more realistic to consider a nice balcony or roof deck. If a yard is something that you really want, you may consider purchasing a Brownstone or a Row House.

8. How Old? What age of home are you looking for? Old homes are unique but often times require more maintenance that can be costly to you. Newer homes are by no means maintenance free but may come with a warranty from the builder.

9. A Garage Is Not Likely. City living comes with many perks but many times, having a garage is not one of those perks. You will be hard pressed to find that perfect home with a garage while living in the city.

10. Condo Life. There are many choices available to you when it comes to owning a condo in Hoboken. Finding the right one for you can be easy with a little thought ahead of time of what you are looking for in your new home.

If owning a new condo in Hoboken is on your dream list, contact me, Eddie Perez of ReMax Gold Coast Realty. You can reach me directly at (201) 344-2886 or check out my InvestHoboken website.

Amazing Benefits Of Home Ownership In Hoboken

March 17, 2011

Owning a home has been an American Dream for as long as anyone can remember, and even during the past few years when the economy has been down, it has still been part of the American Dream. In fact, 67% of homes in America are owner-occupied. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are many benefits to homeownership in Hoboken.
● It is a fact those who are homeowners are happier and healthier than those that are not. Also, homeowners have more of a feeling of control over their own lives.
● The homeowners of America pay 80% to 90% of federal income taxes. These taxes help to contribute to numerous federal programs which benefit everyone in America.
● Those who rent can expect to see, on average, an increase of 3% on their monthly rent each year. Homeowners have the benefit of fixed rate mortgage loans and enjoy a steady monthly payment for the term of their loans.
● Another known benefit of homeownership is that children of homeowners are more apt to participate in organized activities which means less time being couch potatoes.
Homeowners tend to be more involved with volunteering and contribute more to their neighborhoods.
● Moving can be a lot of work and those that rent, tend to move more frequently than those who own their own home. The stability achieved by homeowners not frequently moving, will help reduce crime and do their part to help with the overall upkeep of the neighborhood.
● Maybe the best reason for homeownership is that children of those who own their own home do well in school and stay in school longer than children of those who rent.

Home ownership in Hoboken is also doing its part to help the economy. The housing industry makes up 15 % of the Gross Domestic Product in the United States. Every home purchased in the U.S. adds on average $60,000 to the economy throughout time by the means of home improvements and furniture purchases.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of homeownership in the Hoboken area contact me, Eddie Perez of ReMax Gold Coast Realty. You can reach me directly at (201) 344-2886 or check out my InvestHoboken website.

Designer Bathroom Vanities That Anyone Can Have In Their Hoboken Home

March 3, 2011

Are you an HGTV or DIY fanatic? If so, you have probably seen those episodes where they find an old cabinet at a flea market and turn it into a beautiful designer bathroom vanity or chest. If you are not familiar with this practice, it is easier than you think to recreate this look without having to pay those designer prices. You too can have those designer quality pieces you have seen in magazines and thought you could never afford in your Hoboken home for an affordable price.
To start the process, you want to scour local flea markets and antique sales for just the right piece of furniture that will work in the area of your home you plan to place it in. An old dresser, large nightstand, dressing table, or desks are all pieces of furniture that are used frequently. It is important before you buy your treasured find to measure the space that you plan to put it in so that you do not get it back and home and it does not fit.

Once you bring your find home, you want to examine the way it was constructed in detail. Is it held together with screws or wooden blocks? Things like this are what you will want to look for. If your purpose is to use it as a bathroom vanity, you want to carefully remove the top of it intact as this will make a great template for your new top. Next, cut a hole in the place on the back where the plumbing will go. Finally, level and shim your new piece into place until it is level. You want to be sure your new vanity is secure to the wall by screwing it into the studs on the wall.Choose a top to place on the vanity that will match your Hoboken home such as granite, marble or Corian. Do not forget to pick up a new sink to go with your new top.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Hoboken area, contact me, Eddie Perez of ReMax Gold Coast Realty. You can reach me directly at (201) 344-2886 or check out my InvestHoboken website.

New Jersey Chief Justice Takes Robo-Signing Seriously

March 1, 2011

New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner aims to protect Hoboken residents and all of New Jersey. Questionable foreclosure filings across the nation have New Jersey’s Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, working to establish a set of initiatives to combat this in New Jersey. He is concerned with the increased number of foreclosure filings, and that there may be incorrect applications. He said, “It is important the judiciary system ensures that judges are not rubber-stamping questionable documents that may not be reliable.”

The term “robo-signing” has been extremely popular lately; especially with the brief foreclosure halt we saw last fall. Robo-signing is when mortgage lenders and other service employees sign hundreds and thousands of affidavits that are then submitted in support of foreclosure claims. Many of those employees sign without having any knowledge of the information in the paper they just signed.

In 2010 there was over 65,000 applications filed throughout the state of New Jersey, which is up from the nearly 22,000 only four years ago. In December, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner ordered six large mortgage lenders to file documents to the court that provide their internal foreclosure application process to ensure they are up to standards. These documents were due to the court by January 19th, 2011. New Jersey is not the only state to take these measures New York has also done the same.

If you are considering purchasing one of these homes, it is important to contact a local Realtor(R) such as myself, Eddie Perez of ReMax Gold Coast Realty, to gain more information on how to protect yourself. You can reach me directly at 201.344.2886 or check out my InvestHoboken website.