Dear Eddie,

We know it has been a while since the selling process of “our” property at 70 Morris St #2, in Jersey City, NJ was completed. Nonetheless, it is never late to thank you for the awesome job you did. You definitely exceeded our expectations from Day 1. You did something close to incredible, given the market situation, in such a short period of time

(2 weeks, we still can’t believe it!) We knew our property was top rated, but we also knew it wouldn’t sell by itself. Your professionalism, expertise, and knowledge really made all the process hassle free. We are glad we chose you as our realtor, and we will always thank you for the peace of mind we enjoyed while you were in charge of making our wishes happen.

Thanks a lot!

Javier M & Maria P Delgado





You came highly recommended, and you are earning that type of recommendation from us. 

Thank you so much.




Thank you sooooooo much for everything, you have been amazing. We have many friends in town and have recommended you and will continue to do so. You are the most professional agent we have come across.

Best wishes,

Jenn & Mike



Received your message the other night. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you as well, and I would refer you in a heartbeat.



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